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Content is king
(but not just any content)

We’re a data-driven content and SEO Agency that is specifically geared to help small businesses like yours get the visibility you deserve – at a price you can afford.  (Really – you can check our pricing right now so we don’t waste your time!  We’ll wait.)

That wasn’t bad, right?   Here’s how we do it.  We strip away all the stuff you don’t need to give you exactly what you DO need – solid, data-backed and targeted content that works to build the traffic you want.


changing the course of your business

You’ve heard it before – “content is king.”  But what you haven’t heard is that content is only as good as the audience that reads it.

That’s why, before we write a single word, we do a complete analysis of your traffic and your competitors.  

When you work with us, we help you target better, reach the right people, and – bottom line – drive more sales.

Here's How it Works


We don't just create content. We create content that targets the keywords and ideas you - and your competitors - value most. We create an initial report - yours to keep - that identifies how people find you - and your competitors.


Our USA-based team of professional writers crafts blog posts, page titles, and relevant HTML tags that don't just talk about your business, but also tell search engines and other listing agents that your content is worth it.


We don't require contracts - but building your search results takes time. Every month you're with us, we look at the last month, give you a report, and continue your journey toward a robust presence designed to boost your visibility across the Internet.

how we work

Our packages

Content agencies will sell you blog posts and other content without data-based targeting.  SEO agencies can help, but they want contracts and thousands of dollars a month.  We’re different – by giving you just the necessities we help small businesses do what matters most – at a price you won’t believe! 

1. Standard Plan - $299

Our basic monthly content and SEO package.  Every month you get:

  • Full site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • 25 keyword tracking
  • One content post
  • Site Front Page SEO Evaluation
  • End of month report

2. More Content - $599

Our upgraded monthly content and SEO package.  Every month you get:

  • Full site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • 50 keyword tracking
  • Two content posts
  • 5 Top-Level page evaluations
  • End of month report

3 . The Big Deal - $999

Our complete monthly content, SEO, and visibility package for small business.  Every month you get:

  • Full site analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google My Business evaluation/repair 
  • 100 keyword tracking
  • Three content posts
  • Up to 10 Page Evaluation
  • Citation Confirmation (Google Maps, Online Directories etc.) 
  • End of month report

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